Landscape approach

By improving the interdependence of natural and human systems, our holistic approach combines the skills of landscape planning with related disciplines in a single integrated team. We also embrace partnering as a method of ensuring the best sector skills to achieve high performance developments through more efficient and innovative methods.

The work is characterized by a philosophy of strong and simple design that examine funding options to make the landscapes recognizable; meanwhile identify key challenges to help clients understand environmental perspectives and opportunities. By delivering functional yet sustainable spaces, that lead to the best possible user and client experience, we aims to promote places where people and nature interact. Thus landscapes shapes culture and identity yet enrich both cultural and biological diversity.

The firm aims to provide high quality economically, socially and environmentally sustainable solutions which help to deliver an uplift in value, ensuring best practice is transferred and adopted.


Erika Skabar

Having graduated from Venice University Institute of Architecture IUAV – Venezia, under professor Ippolito Pizzetti; Erika Skabar has spent the first years of her career working in a number of locations including Austria, Balkan area, Brasil, Portugal , mostly for landscape architecture firms.

She constantly conduct environmental fieldwork activities in campus and outdoor laboratories, in an effort to understand and capitalise upon the precious knowledge that the filed work hold. She believes the interaction between model planning instruments and field work experience are enable to strengthen the knowledge. This interaction can provide a powerful combination of smart integrated thinking and planning, across all elements of landscape design -from maintenance of green infrastructure and integration of ecosystem services into planning processes - to land management and reverse land degradation, in the face of climate change.

She has taught at Department of Architecture of Ferrara University in Italy as Professor of Professional practices course and Coordinator of the Landscape Infrastructure Design Lab. She has presented her work at a number of conferences, exposition and tv documentaries.