...In the garden I design, I want an evolving play to take place, in four parts that converge into each other, let's call them four acts: spring, summer, fall, winter. I.Pizzetti
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By delivering functional yet sustainable spaces, that lead to the best possible user and client experience, we aims to promote places where people and nature interact.

Health and Landscape:
Landscaping for Health and Research center in Sesto San Giovanni - Milano

If our health is affected by the landscape, then it represents something more than just a part of our heritage or a place to be preserved for the aesthetic pleasure it provides.

Could we perhaps start talking about the 'right to landscape' as something intrinsically linked to the well-being of present and future generations?

Infrastructure as Landscape: The transferline project for the transalpine oil pipeline in the maritime terminal of Trieste

What do we mean when we speak of an infrastructural landscape project? What does it do, and how?

The logistics policies - mainly of a socioeconomic, transport and environmental nature - are of necessity pursued by means of interdependent tools and values, with a view to ensuring greater accessibility rather than increased environmental and/or tax costs.

Polycultures: Shaping landscapes of continuity

The demand for local, biologically cultivated food appears to be on the increase, as is a general desire to promote and preserve biodiversity.

Polyculture can be used in wide variety of applications in the landscape: the wild play a role in our productive landscapes, supporting crop productivity, controlling pests and providing fertility. This is why it is possible and probably necessary  to work with it.


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